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Lameness Diagnostics

We combine an older thought process with the latest technology for lameness diagnostics. Lameness work ups can be quite lengthy and in depth. For all non-obvious lameness issues (sole abscesses, fractures) we are using Equinosis Q Lameness Locator which is an objective lameness detection system. We feature the only system in the state of Arizona and only Certified Equinosis Practitioner west of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. The Equinosis Q takes the guess work out of lameness with objective repeatable measurements and ability to compare response with blocks, flexions, therapeutic shoeing and time. Along with the use of this technology we still employ the use of diagnostic blocks, flexions, palpations and advance imaging including radiographs and ultrasounds. We are also happy to do farrier consults and work frequently with a number of farriers in southern Arizona.

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